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Should I have an Unplugged Wedding?

January 29, 2017


So many brides are choosing to have “Unplugged Weddings.”

What’s an “Unplugged Wedding” you ask? It is “an event during which electrical devices are banned.”

Imagine it’s your wedding day and you’re walking down the aisle and all your guests have their phones or cameras out and they are jumping into the aisle to get a photo of you. You and your groom are distracted by all the activity from your guests that you are not able to 100% appreciate and soak in the beauty of your special day!

Your guests are not “in the moment” with you.

Let’s fast forward. You just got your online gallery! Yay!!! As you are looking through your ceremony photos….You see photos of everyone with their phones out or THIS!!!

MG 5063 200x300 - Should I have an Unplugged Wedding?

Photos being taken by ipads!

Or this one in the background.

D75 5254 300x200 - Should I have an Unplugged Wedding?

Sure, not ALL weddings are like this!

Personally I don’t see it super often, but it CAN happen and DOES happen! Just google “Unplugged weddings” and you will see articles and photos EVERYWHERE! We live in an age where we are are all GLUED to our phones! It is getting worse and worse…I highly suggest to my brides that they should have some sort of announcement, sign or printed on their program.

I know a lot of people feel they are being rude when they ask their guests to put away their phones. YOU AREN’T, this is YOUR wedding day! THEY are guests! Some guests will still try to sneak a photo, but that’s ok! Everywhere you go there will be at least one rule breaker!

There are so many polite ways to ask your guests to put their phones away!

Click here to check out my Pinterest board of some fun DIY Unplugged Wedding Signs and Programs!



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